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Download Black Male Sims from Famous Celebrities and Characters

If you are feeling like your sims are in dire need of a change, may I suggest this black high ponytail hair? It is sure to give your sims the pick-me-up they need. Not only is it super cute, but it is also versatile.

I decided to start this tumblr in order to have a directory of sims I see up for download from fellow simblrs. The sims are still theirs, this will just be a place to promote them by reblogging them :)

download black male sims

I've looked into it a bit more, and it seems to be the bodysuits that don't work properly on male sims. Especially interesting since one of them came with the It Gets Better patch, which had a LGBTQ theme. -.-

The coloured spot/triangle shows on male sims with some female shorts, these are the ones I found (observe that I don't own all packs), it's the same result with It Gets Better bodysuit as with the Realm of Magic bodysuit:

I've noticed a lot of problems with the bodysuits, so I think this thread should be changed to being about the bodysuits instead. For example male sims can't wear the bodysuits without underpants showing. Female sims have one pair of underpants which works with the bodysuits.

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One of the best Sims 4 male CC shoes are the Adidas Ultra Boosts. They are dark blue with the legendary three stripes, which you can see here in black. The classic style is perfect for running and walking long distances and they are super comfortable made of high quality.

Figure 1 relates respective SIM-to-suicide rate ratios for blacks and Hispanics to the white ratios for the total groups and by sex. Black-to-white ratios steadily increased from 1.29 in 2011 to a high of 1.70 by 2017. By contrast, Hispanic-to-white ratios generally approached parity, ranging from a low of 1.01 in 2010 to a high of 1.09 in 2013. Although patterns of Black-to-white SIM-to-suicide rate ratios for men and women both mirrored the pattern for the combined sexes, ratios were more concentrated and typically higher for women. Hispanic-to-white ratios remained marginally above parity for men throughout the observation period, and marginally below for women 2011 aside. Figure 2 provides direct comparisons between the sexes in the respective magnitude of their SIM-to-suicide rate ratios across race/ethnicity. Black female-to-male SIM-to-suicide rate ratios exceeded those for whites and Hispanics, except in 2017 when approximating the ratio for whites. Ratios trended downwards across all three racial/ethnic groups.

Separation of the sexes revealed much higher age-specific SIM rates for men than women irrespective of race/ethnicity (table 3). Rate increases between 2008 and 2017 were much greater across most of the age spectrum for blacks than for Hispanics and whites. They also tended to be greater for Hispanic men and women than for white counterparts, especially at the younger ages. Sex-specific and age-specific SIM-to-suicide rate ratios commonly expanded across the observation period, with female ratios generally exceeding male ratios in 2008 and 2017. Blacks were a high outlier regardless of sex. The second indicator of premature mortality was estimated years of life lost by the individuals who died from self-injury. Greater in 2017 than in 2008, total respective lost years of life (based on exact age zero) for Hispanics, whites and blacks in 2008 and 2017 were projected to be 37.0 and 42.6, 35.7 and 37.1 and 32.2 and 32.4.

This post is intended as an FAQ/download directory/info repository for anyone using my mods, whether you're new or you've been here since the beginning.SEXUAL ANATOMY FOR SIMS1) WHAT IS REALGENS? WHAT IS SIMPLEGENS?RealGens is a family of anatomy mods (penises, vaginas, etc) I released a few years ago. SimpleGens is a more recent set of anatomy mods I released last year.The SimpleGens mods continue to receive upgrades and updates. RealGens is deprecated and unsupported (outside of major necessary updates).You CAN use both RealGens and SimpleGens in your game at the same time without conflict or errors. I recommend only using SimpleGens because it will be updated going forward.2) WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE "SIMPLE" MODS?There are four anatomy types - penis, vagina, chest, breast. The base file for each of these types includes:- body parts- a default CAS override- color overlays- texture overlays (for use with tanning or CC skins)The SimplePenis zip file contains an optional "Skin Texture" add-on. It's my edited texture for your sim's groin/butt, to improve the appearance of the body when using CC skins or transparent clothing (like jockstraps or see-through underwear).The SimplePenis zip file contains two other optional penis designs: a chastity cage and a penis that matches the WickedWhims default penis size.The SimpleChest base file contains overrides that add 3D nipples to official Maxis clothing for male sims that shows the nipple area.The SimpleChest and SimpleBreast zip files also contain separate, optional "No Texture" add-ons. These add-ons will remove my skin texture from these parts so you can have your sims tan properly, or use them with other CC skins.All body part zip sets contain optional versions for the other gender (for example, the SimplePenis zip includes female penises).3) HOW DO I USE SIMPLEGENS?Add the downloaded files to your /Mods directory. Whatever content you install will show up in CAS and in the WickedWhims Body Selector list.If you want to use my anatomy mods without using WickedWhims, you will need to make sure you have a modded rig file in your game that adds penis bones. I know some have been offered on LoversLab before, but there may also be others out there.PLEASE NOTE: Body parts in CAS work like clothing. If you want your sim to have the selected body parts in Live Mode, you need to choose them via the WickedWhims Body Selector.4) ARE THERE CUSTOM CONDOMS AVAILABLE?Yes, bundled in the SimplePenis zip file. The condoms are backwards compatible, meaning the file works with SimpleGens AND RealGens.5) MY SIM'S GENITALS ARE BLACK/TEXTURELESS. WHAT'S UP?By default, the official sim skins are blank in the "overflow" part of the texture map where CC creators place body part textures.Without edited skintone files, your sim's penis can show up as black and textureless. I offer a set of skintone edits, as do other CC creators. You will probably need at least one modded set of skintones to make sure genital textures show up correctly.My skintone edits are in the "simdulgence_Skintones" zip.6) ARE THERE CUSTOM SKIN TEXTURES AVAILABLE?Yes, I have some basic default override skin textures available. These are edited versions of the official Maxis skins, because my content is as Maxis Match as I can make it.My edited version tries to improve the texture in the groin/butt especially, to improve the overall look of your sim's body and genitals.My skin texture overrides are in the "simdulgence_SkinDefaults" zip.7) MY SIM'S GENDER/FRAME AREN'T THE SAME. WHAT NOW?If your sim's gender and frame are different, using Simple body parts is a little different for you.The game automatically alters clothing when it's placed on the 'opposite' gender, and technically that includes body parts. That automatic process distorts the body parts. To keep your sims looking their best, the general rule of thumb is to use anatomy which matches their frame.For example - a male sim with a feminine frame looks best with a SimplePenisFemale.There are a few exceptions to this rule (mostly to do with upper body parts). Guidance on which parts to use can be found in the chart at the top of this post.To see the opposite anatomy for your sim in Live mode, you'll need my BodySelectorGenderUnlocks file, available as a separate zip file.8) I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANATOMY IN CAS!There are a lot of Simple body parts, and sometimes this can get overwhelming to look through amongst the clothing.If you want to make body parts hidden in CAS, you can use my CASHider file to make those parts invisible. It can be found in its own zip file.PIERCINGS FOR SEXUAL ANATOMYThe SimplePiercings mod adds piercings for your sim's private parts. The piercings are currently available for: penises, chests and breasts.All Simple parts are compatible with piercings, as are the official default WickedWhims penis and breasts.SimplePiercings are used in Live Mode: search for the piercings in the Buy Catalogue, purchase the piercing you want on your sim, add it to their inventory, and then choose to "Wear" or "Remove" the piercing. The piercing will show up when your sim is naked.The SimplePiercings mod has THREE required files: a package, a ts4script, and a JSON file. All three files should be installed in the same location, no further than one folder deep in your /Mods location, and should not be renamed to avoid breaking the mod.SIMMOTION OVERRIDESSimMotion is a set of animation overrides. I've hand-edited a number of official animations from the game (things like walking, bathing, etc) to add movement to your sim's genitals - which are normally static outside of WW sex animations.SimMotion is separated into downloads by DLC, so you can install only the overrides for packs you own.BETTER BULGESBetter Bulges is a set of overrides that add a bulge to the front of your male sim's bottom clothing pieces.Along with being Maxis Match, my content aims towards realism, so the bulges tend towards average sizes. This is also done to prevent a) bad texture stretching and b) bulges clipping top clothing such as shirts, jackets, etc.There is a BetterBulges add-on which increases the size of some bulges, including a few of my own clothing items.______________________UPDATE 2022-07-22: Added the female Chastity Cage. Fixed an issue causing cage colors to show incorrectly on sims with opposing gender/frame.UPDATE 2022-07-17: Added the Chastity Cages and WW-size match penises to the CAS Hider and Gender Unlock files.UPDATE 2022-07-08:Added BodySelectorGenderUnlocks and CASHider files. Added an anatomy guide in image format.______________________This probably isn't an exhaustive list of details and information, but I think it's a good place to start! I'll edit the post to expand/add as I need.I can only pin one post at a time, so I'm unpinning my Tumblr post - but since Patreon only lets you pin posts for patrons, any users just wandering by would have to scroll quite a way to see it.For anyone who isn't aware: after early access ends, my public content is released on my Tumblr: simdulgencemods.tumblr.comThanks for your support! If you need to get in touch, my direct messages/emails are always open.

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