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Choo-Choo Charles: The Best Mods and Customizations for Your Train

Choo-Choo Charles is a 2022 indie horror video game developed and published by Two Star Games. The player controls a monster-hunting archivist with the goal of upgrading their train's defenses in order to fight and defeat the titular character, Charles, an evil spider-train hybrid monster that wanders the landscape looking for people to eat. The game received mixed reviews from critics.

choo choo game

Gameplay consists of travelling across an open world[1] map in a train, performing tasks for non-player characters, collecting loot, and using that loot to upgrade the train in order to fight against Charles, who periodically hunts for the player and can be fought off using the gun mounted to it. The goal of the game is to collect three glowing eggs that will summon Charles to battle the player as a final boss.[2] The game takes players around three to five hours to fully complete.[3]

The map is an island lined with interconnected railway tracks, which carry the player's train to a series of locations where quests can be completed for non-player characters. There are four main NPCs that progress the main quest. Besides Charles, the player also faces armed cultist enemies, who guard the three glowing eggs needed to complete the game. The game encourages players to use stealth to sneak past these guards to steal the eggs and escape without notice, although it is also possible to simply run past them and either kill them with the train's guns or run them over. The game's optional quests generally consist of fetching objects for non-player characters, in exchange for new weapons and other rewards.[4]

Steve Hogarty of Rock Paper Shotgun described the game as "shonky, very short and frustrating to play for any length of time". He said that the game had a good concept, but that the concept was stretched too thinly.[4] Zack Zweizen of Kotaku criticized the game for its reliance on "bad stealth sections", a lack of scares, and the short length of the game.[13] Travis Northup from IGN gave the game a score of 4/10, describing it as "janky", "barebones", and "more dull than [he] thought possible". He also described the on-foot stealth sections as "aggressively not fun".[14] Zoey Handley from Destructoid scored the game 6.5/10, describing it as "alright".[5]

The channel mainly consisted of Minecraft videos, including videos on The Emerald Isle where he used to do livestreams on the server every Tuesday evenings, however car games and adult-oriented games were also occasionally broadcast.

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Choo-Choo Charles is an indie first-person survival horror video game developed and published by one-man developer Two Star games released on December 9th, 2022 on Steam. The game was in development for an entire year and was finished developed in early December, 2022.

I believe that with the right mindset and resources, Two Star Games can build on Choo-Choo Charles and deliver an even better sequel. Choo-Choo Charles is a brilliant proof of concept and a unique twist on the horror market. It tapped into the Thomas the Tank Engine horror games and creepypastas fairly decently, got something good out of it, and molded it into a standalone game with a (technically) original villain.

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But the island is home to much more than just Charles. Exploring the various caverns, buildings, and hills will reveal previously unknown secrets about the world, characters, and game, as well as some unique Easter eggs. Here are a few that players might have missed in their travels.

Throughout the game, players may stumble across some unusual rock piles dotted across the map. Each one is dedicated to a particular person. Two Star, the solo developer behind Choo-Choo Charles, streamed much of the development process on Twitch, and for every person who subscribed to him, he added a rock tower in their honor.

In a callback to 2012 Slender: The Eight Pages game, players can stumble across Sasha. This character is being tormented by strange sounds and visions, and keeps finding creepy drawings pinned up near her house. Players are tasked with collecting the remaining eight drawings whilst being hunted by a glowing ghost-like entity.

Ronny, an employee of Warren, explains how the cave-in was kept a secret from the mainland, and confirms that Warren turned his attention to these strange eggs. It becomes apparent during the game that the workers were extracting energy from the eggs, until Charles attacked them and Warren ordered the workers to stop. Charles is intrinsically linked to the glowing eggs, and it is believed that he either hatched from one or was created from their unique power.

Nathan is a freelance writer, game designer, and researcher based in the UK. He graduated from Edge Hill University with a 1st in Creative Writing, and has since completed a Masters by Research in Media. He has helped write, promote, and publish 7TV: Fantasy, a tabletop roleplaying skirmish game based on the popular stories and characters of fantasy film and television.Having been a video game addict all his life, starting from his very first game Lego Star Wars II, he has developed a particular love for grand strategy and RPGs, and as a self-professed history geek, anything with a historical/fantasy setting enjoys bonus points in his book. His favourite game series include Mount & Blade, Elder Scrolls, Red Dead, Civilization, Far Cry, and Total War, but he's happy playing just about anything with a healthy dose of escapism. He hopes to one day write and produce a feature-length screenplay.

Remember this nightmare fuel? Well, it's finally coming out. Train-based open world survival horror game Choo-Choo Charles will make its debut on December 9th, 2022, via Steam. It'll come to consoles at a later date.

We first reported on Charles, who to be clear is an evil train locomotive with a clownish nightmare face and spider legs, last October. At the time, gifs of the train horror went viral all of the normal places people post images and videos of train horrors and video games. At the time, I speculated that Charles may or may not lay eggs. You know, like a spider.

Choo-Choo Charles will be a survival horror game where the player must scavenge parts and upgrade their old locomotive into a mobile war-vehicle capable of taking on and taking down the unrepentantly vicious train-beast that is Charles. The trailer shows off rocket-propelled grenades, heavy cannons, flamethrowers, and machine guns as part of the Charles-fighting arsenal. The trailer also includes spooky people wearing Charles masks, which I can only assume are either a defense mechanism or a Charles-worshipping cult.

New ideas are hard to come by, but Two Star Games has arrived at a truly bizarre one. Its upcoming game is Choo-Choo Charles, an open world horror game in which you're being hunted by the titular train, which also happens to have a terrifying clown face and spider legs. It is ridiculous and we're here for it.

Having grown up alongside PlayStation, Stephen has developed an eclectic taste in video games and a wide knowledge of the medium, from small indie gems to the biggest AAA blockbusters. Ever hopeful that the Burnout series makes a miraculous return.

He is a monstrous, spider-like creature with the body of a steam locomotive and an appetite for human flesh, terrorizing the island on which the game takes place to the point that some of its inhabitants have started to worship him. The goal of the protagonist is to construct a train strong enough to take down Charles for good.

According to stone tablets the protagonist later found in early part of the game, Charles is a member of a species of ancient, spider-like demonic predators that terrorized the island of Aranearum and its natives long ago in prehistory until its inhabitants' best warriors fought back and subsequently sealed the creatures away in the island's underground cavern which also their very own nesting ground. Though most of the surviving creatures died out, from most likely, hunger and/or cannibalization, the species nonetheless survived by their dormant eggs.

The protagonist of the game arrives on the island via row boat, a museum archivist and monster hunter intent on destroying the monstrous train ruling the island. The people living there live in constant fear of being devoured by the beast, usually hiding in places that are difficult for him to reach. The stress has even caused some of them to snap completely, starting a cult in Charles' honor and themselves hunting for any non-believers to sacrifice in a vain hope of appeasing him.

The only way to stand a chance against Charles is to have power, protection and speed on your side, so the protagonist and his partner Eugene got to work in repairing an old train of their own and equip it with guns. Unfortunately, Charles managed to kill Eugene, leaving the player all on their own. As the game progresses, new guns will need to be found, the train reinforced and upgraded while avoiding Charles and his worshipers.

Charles will run off to heal his wounds should the player hurt him enough, but this also makes it difficult to kill him. The goal of the game is not just to build a train strong enough to be Charles' superior, but also steal three monster eggs and bring them to the prism inside the temple at the center of the island. This will anger Charles enough that running away is not an option for either party, culminating in a final battle that will end with either him or the player dead. Unfortunately, Charles absorbs the energy emitted from the prism as it destroys the eggs, empowering and transforming him into Hell Charles.

Choo-Choo Charles is a novelty survival horror game from Two Star Game. Here, players will have an action-packed adventure in an open-world island setting. The catch is you are an old train, and there is a killer train on the loose.

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