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Download Brawlhalla for Android and Fight in the Halls of Valhalla

How to Download Android Brawlhalla: A Complete Guide

If you are looking for a fun and free platform fighting game that supports up to 8 players online or locally, you should check out Brawlhalla. This game has over 80 million players worldwide and features over 50 unique characters, each with their own abilities and weapons. You can also play various game modes, such as ranked matches, casual free-for-alls, custom rooms, and more. In this article, we will show you how to download Android Brawlhalla from the Google Play Store or other sources.

What is Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Ubisoft. It was released in 2017 for Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and in 2020 for iOS and Android devices. The game is inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series, where players use various attacks and items to knock their opponents off the stage. The game also features crossover characters from other franchises, such as Lara Croft, Finn and Jake, The Rock, John Cena, and more.

download android brawlhalla

Features of Brawlhalla

Some of the features of Brawlhalla are:

  • Online Ranked 1v1 & 2v2: Climb the ranked ladder from Tin up to Platinum and beyond. Fight enemies solo or team up with your friends. Matches you against players near your skill level.

  • 4 Player Online Free for All: Casual matches where four fighters enter, but only one can win.

  • Cross-play Custom Rooms: Invite up to 8 friends on all platforms to a huge variety of custom matches: 4v4s, 1v3, 2v2, FFA, and much more.

  • Many Game Modes: Mix things up with Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and many more fun party game modes.

  • The Training Room: Practice combos and setups inside the Training Room. Look at detailed frame data, hitboxes, hurtboxes, and sharpen your skills.

  • Frequent Updates: The game is constantly updated with new characters, skins, maps, events, tournaments, and more.

  • Free to Play: The game is completely free to play, with no pay-to-win advantages or in-game purchases keeping you from the action. You can earn gold to unlock more characters by playing any online game mode. You can also buy the All Legends Pack that unlocks every character ever made and ever will make.

Platforms and cross-play support

Brawlhalla is available on PC (Windows and macOS), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices. The game supports full cross-play across all platforms, meaning you can play with anyone regardless of their device. You can also link your account across different platforms and access your progress and purchases anywhere.

How to download Brawlhalla from Google Play Store

The easiest way to download Android Brawlhalla is from the Google Play Store. This is the official app store for Android devices that offers a safe and reliable way to get apps. Here are the steps to download Brawlhalla from the Google Play Store:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store

On your Android device, tap on the Google Play Store icon. This is usually located on your home screen or app drawer. If you don't have the Google Play Store app, you can download it from the official website.

Step 2: Search for Brawlhalla

In the Google Play Store app, tap on the search bar at the top and type in "Brawlhalla". You will see a list of suggestions and results. Tap on the one that says "Brawlhalla" with the blue and yellow logo. This will take you to the app page of Brawlhalla.

Step 3: Select and install Brawlhalla

On the app page of Brawlhalla, you will see some information about the game, such as screenshots, videos, ratings, reviews, and more. You will also see a green button that says "Install". Tap on this button to start downloading and installing Brawlhalla on your Android device. You may need to grant some permissions and accept some terms and conditions before proceeding.

Step 4: Open and enjoy Brawlhalla

Once the installation is complete, you will see a notification that says "Brawlhalla installed". You can tap on this notification to open the game, or you can find it on your home screen or app drawer. The first time you open the game, you may need to wait for some additional data to download. After that, you can create or link your account, choose your preferred settings, and start playing Brawlhalla on your Android device.

How to download Brawlhalla from other sources

If for some reason you cannot access the Google Play Store or prefer to download Brawlhalla from other sources, there are some alternatives you can try. However, you should be aware of the risks and precautions of downloading from other sources before proceeding.

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Why download from other sources?

Some possible reasons why you may want to download Brawlhalla from other sources are:

  • You live in a region where the Google Play Store is not available or restricted.

  • You want to access an older or newer version of Brawlhalla that is not available on the Google Play Store.

  • You want to save data or storage space by downloading a smaller or compressed file of Brawlhalla.

  • You want to try out some mods or hacks for Brawlhalla that are not supported by the official version.

Risks and precautions of downloading from other sources

While downloading from other sources may have some benefits, it also comes with some risks and drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • You may download a fake or malicious file that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

  • You may violate the terms of service or end-user license agreement of Brawlhalla or Google Play Store by downloading from unauthorized sources.

  • You may encounter compatibility or performance issues with Brawlhalla if you download an incompatible or outdated version.

  • You may lose access to some features or updates of Brawlhalla if you download a modified or unofficial version.

To avoid these risks and drawbacks, you should take some precautions when downloading from other sources. Some of them are:

  • Only download from trusted and reputable websites or sources that have positive reviews and ratings from other users.

  • Check the file size and format of the download and compare it with the official version. If it is too small or too large, or has a different format, it may be a fake or corrupted file.

  • Scan the file with a reliable antivirus or malware scanner before opening or installing it on your device.

  • Backup your device data and settings before installing any unknown or unofficial file on your device.

  • Do not grant any unnecessary or suspicious permissions to any app or file that you download from other sources.

How to enable unknown sources on your Android device

Before you can install any app or file that is not from the Google Play Store, you need to enable unknown sources on your Android device. This is a security feature that prevents unauthorized or harmful apps from being installed on your device. To enable unknown sources, follow these steps:

  • Go to your device settings and tap on "Security" or "Privacy".

  • Find and tap on "Unknown sources" or "Install unknown apps".

  • Toggle on the switch or check the box to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

  • A warning message will appear. Read it carefully and tap on "OK" or "Allow" to confirm your choice.

Now you can install any app or file that is not from the Google Play S

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